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Podcast Interviews

Rev. Mel Montgomery invites major Charismatic leaders to share with listeners their understanding of ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit. Recurring guests include Rev. Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan, and Rev. Gil Howard Browne. To access CLICK HERE

Rare Early Pentecostal Recordings

Recordings of the Faith Giants of yesteryear: F. F. Bosworth, Howard Carter, Stanley Frodsham, David Du Plessis and others whose ministries shook the world in the Pentecostal and Healing revivals.

Teachings by Rev. Mel C. Montgomery

Rev. Mel Montgomery draws from his 20 years of pastoral and prophetic ministry to teach on spiritual gifts, genuine prophetic ministry, and the need for a Charismatic Reformation.

Mel's Biography of the Rev. and Mrs. J. R. Goodwin:


Includes Comments or Endorsements From:

Kenneth Hagin Sr.

Dr. Ralph Wilkerson

Rev. Billye Brim

Rev. Pat Harrison

Rev. Marilyn Hickey

Dr. Ed Dufresne

Mrs. Dodie Osteen

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This Site Also Features the Recordings of:


F. F. Bosworth

1877 - 1958

F. F. Bosworth was filled with the Spirit under Charles Parham's ministry. He visited the Azusa Street Revival, and had a powerful healing ministry in the 1920's and 1930's. He wrote the classic "Christ the Healer." During the Healing Revival of the 1940's and 1950's, Bosworth came out of retirement to mentor and minister with a young Oral Roberts and T.L. Osborn.


W.F.P. Burton

1886 - 1971

This British Pentecostal was filled with the Spirit in 1911. He ministered alongside Smith Wigglesworth, Howard Carter, the Jeffreys Brothers and other early Pentecostal leaders we revere today. He developed into an true apostolic ministry with mighty signs following. He took the Word and power of God to the Belgian Congo, and pioneered a missionary stationthere with james Salter, Smith Wigglesworth's son in law.


Rev. Howard and Ruth Carter 1965

Rev. Howard Carter, a British Pentecostal was born in 1891, was filled with the Spirit in 1915, and went to Glory in 1971. He had great revelation from the Lord on the operation of Spiritual gifts, and was considered an outstanding authority on the subject. He traveled the world in the 1930's ministering with, and mentoring a young Lester Sumrall. Carter chaired a number of conventions at which his good friend, Smith Wigglesworth preached. Lester Sumrall called Howard Carter, "a man of whom the world was not worthy."


Rev. David Du Plessis

1905 - 1987

This South African Pentecostal was filled with the Spirit in 1918. In 1936, Smith Wigglesworth prophesied to David that he would bring the message of the baptism in the Holy Spirit to the old line and Catholic churches. In the 1950's God opened many doors for David to minister among the old denominations and the Catholics, who developed such an affection and appreciation for his ministry that they began to call him "Mr. Pentecost."


Rev. Stanley Frodsham

1882- 1969

Stanley Frodsham, a British Pentecostal, was an early Pentecostal leader who served as the First General Secretary of the Assemblies of God. Because of his prolific writings, he became known as "God's Prophet with a Pen." When he married his bride, the wedding ceremony was performed by his close friend, Smith Wigglesworth. Years later, Frodsham wrote the first biography of Wigglesworth entitled, "Apostle of Faith."


Rev. and Mrs. J.R. Goodwin

1905 - 1994 and 1900 - 1979

The Rev. and Mrs. J.R. Goodwin--or Mom and Dad Goodwin as they were affectionately known--sat in the meetings of Smith Wigglesworth and other early Pentecostals, and served as a bridge to the Word of Faith Move that emerged in the 1970's and 1980's. They took Kenneth Hagin under their wing in 1938 and began teaching him about spiritual gifts. Hagin patterned his prophetic ministry after the flow he saw in the Goodwins. John Osteen--Joel Osteen's father--was filled with the Spirit in the Goodwins' living room, and preached his first Charismatic sermons from their pulpit. The Goodwins had a very strong prophetic and pastoral ministry. They mentored Kenneth Hagin, John Osteen, Marilyn Hickey, Don and Beverly Davis, Joe Jordan, Billye Brim, Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan, Mel Montgomery, and others.


Rev. Kenneth Hagin

1917 - 2003

We host some of the earliest known recordings of Kenneth Hagin when he ministered at the church of his lifelong friends, Brother and Sister Goodwin.


Rev. Mel C. Montgomery

Brother Mel was mentored by Sister Goodwin in her final years. She prophesied that he would have "a ministry like some of the men of old." Over 20 years later, rare recordings of the "men of old" began to be sent to him from around the world. As he listened to them, he realized that we have wandered far from the powerful Pentecostal message. He believes the Lord has given him a mandate to call the Charismatic and Word of Faith branches of Christianity--to which he belongs--back from extreme teachings and unethical ministry practices, to the genuine moving of the Spirit and to sound doctrine. Author of articles and e-books, Mel's website has recieved over 1.6 million hits from people downloading his recordings and teachings in over 150 countries around the world. Mel Ministers in local churches, through his website, by appearing as a guest in Christian media, and through his podcast, "Voices of the Faith Giants." Mel has also been appointed by the Goodwin family as their Copyright Agent for all Goodwin recordings, books, and materials.


Rev. Elizabeth Pruitt-Sloan

Aimee Semple McPherson prophesied over an infant Elizabeth, that she would be, "An end-times prophetess and handmaiden of the Lord." Sister Elizabeth--as she is known to multitudes--graduated in the founding class of Rhema Bible Training Center. She was mentored by Kenneth Hagin Sr., Mom Goodwin, and others. She has traveled the world preaching the Gospel with miracles and healings accompanying the meetings. Elizabeth is also the Founder and President of Helping Inspire Ministries (H.I.M.) a ministry fellowship and credentialing association.

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